Fields of specialization


I know it may sound glamourous. You’re picturing me in my appartment on the Upper East Side, waiting for the next show and practicing my red carpet walk, but sorry to get you back to Earth: I am more into descriptions and catalogues. We are talking about everyday brands, those stores you walk into when you "go shopping" maybe trying to jog behind your teen one. Yes those fabric items patiently waiting on their hangers and those shiny charm bracelets, they all need to be described when sold online and that’s an example of what I do.


I love wandering around the Globe and discovering new cultures and ways of living; amd I always make sure I bring along a good old travel guide. <br>That’s just an example of what being a Translator in the field of Tourism involves, but also think about descriptions for accommodation, city tour guides, and everything involved in visiting another country.


I have seen the explosion of start-ups, I used to keep in touch with long distance friends using MSN Messenger or myIRC. I also designed my first very own website with Blogger and listened to music on Audiogalaxy. Those were the days...


I just can't live without board games! I am in awe of games designers always coming with new concepts and rules. But how could a board game become famous worldwide without having its rules translated into your language?