Who am I?

If you are in a hurry, you can download my resume in English or in French.
If you have a few minutes, I will summarize it poetically below 🙂

Since 2017

I’ve been living in Provence, a popular tourist region in France. I chose freelancing as it gives me the freedom and flexibility I need to take care of my children. I’ve come back to my first loves (English, books) and combined them with my second passion (computing) to work as an English to French Translator/Proofreader.


English language is still a passion. After completing my Master's Degree, I decided to continue with an English teaching qualification, but teaching is not for me. I choose the "easy" path and get a permanent contract at the supermarket. My permanent contract lasts for 12 years giving me the opportunity to discover the world of work and a whole host of useful, transferrable skills: customer relations, management,  calculating margins, unsociable hours etc.


An Advocate Degree is nice, but it’s hard to get a job with no experience and without a job I can’t get experience! I’m a little disappointed since I thought I could live on love alone; Love fades and I throw myself directly into a Master's Degree in English Literature, Language and Culture which fits perfectly with my "background". I discover that learning a language also means learning phonetics, but I also discover "Theme" and "Translation". I love it! At the same time, I work 25h/week as a customer assistant for a supermarket.


Internet is my second passion. We are in the middle of a cyber-explosion and start-ups are blooming at every corner. I commit to a DUT (Advocate Degree) in Communication and Networks that I will achieve after two years (and a few sleepless nights working as a team on projects and endless games of Counter Strike).


Back in France, for the final year of school, I am back to Language Division but chose English as minor option.


High school life in France seems a little... boring. I crave large open spaces, American culture and above all to be completely immersed in the English language; off I go to the USA for a year of total immersion! Welcomed into an American family as an extra child, I go to High School every day on the infamous yellow buses, I am part of the team of basketball cheerleaders and I make it a duty to attend the American football game every Friday night. I also get to experience the election of the High School Queen, Sundays at church, the Graduation Ceremony in a cap and gown and most excitingly the end of year prom (Prom Night)